Telstra Global Wi-Fi

Day Pass User Registration

The perfect companion for business travel

When you're travelling on business, Telstra Global Wi-Fi is the perfect complement to international roaming. It gives you access to 50 million hotspots in many places where you work, like hotels, restaurants and airports.

Getting Started is easy

Before you travel, simply register and configure your compatible work device(s).

Step 1. Your employer needs to subscribe to the Telstra Global Wi-Fi service. Please check with your employer before attempting to register and configure your work device(s).

Step 2. Enter your name and company email address below. It's important that you enter your company email address and NOT a personal email address.

Step 3. After successfully registering for Telstra Global Wi-Fi, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique web link that will allow you to configure your device(s). You'll need to use the device you want to configure to access the web link.